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How to add Whosamongus in WP sidebar: HTML code

  1. Would you like to know the number of readers you have?
  2. Want to instantly see where your visitors are from?
  3. Or find out when you had the most people online?

Getting stats from Whosamungus is easy and needs no registration.

The only problem users are having is how to FIND THE HTML CODE for our WordPress blogs.

Here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Go to the site Whos.amung.us

2. Click on “SHOWCASE” above on the right. Then chose your favourite stat. It can be a Map or a Hit counter, just remember to follow these steps each single time. Two in one, not happening.

3. After having chosen the best configuration (colors, size etc.) the site will give you a code. This is not the HTML you need for WordPress! But straight below the code, on the right you will see the “POST” button. Click it.

4. Now chose WP (WordPress) in the bar that opened. Insert your blogs address.

5. The html code will appear in a new post, on your Blog.

6. Copy that code and insert it in a new TEXT WIDGET in your sidebar. Save the changes.

7. Now you have your personalized stat/hit counter/map 🙂 You can now delete the whosamongus html post.


Since I couldn’t figure out how to do it at first, I hope this simple steps will save you some time!

If you have some questions, you can find me in the comment box. Yes, I live there.

For some motivation, while applying the changes:


The unexercised bunch

Did you ever notice that there is no unity in the Anti-exercise front? I mean if you google the word exercise you get 126.000.000 results, it is a very trendy topic and everybody thinks they have the right to tell you how to work out. Apparently they want you to do some exercise really badly. And often. Preferably until you feel sore. The question is, are you just as sick of all the “I’m cool, I exercise the whole day, you just lazy” drama?

This is the right time to get together and shout “Un-worked out folks of the world, unite!

Let’s start with understanding which common mistakes and frequent misunderstandings lead to our daily discrimination:

1)      It’s easy to put off exercise.

No it isn’t! You have to be strong-willed, and very good at procrastination. It’s not everybody’s cup ‘o tea.

2)      People quit/don’t start working out because of – confusion – boredom –laziness – you don’t know how to exercise.

What!? Am I wrong or are they trying to make us sound stupid? This my answer: Oh frenetic jumping and sweating people, I beg you not to offend the quality that makes us, the gentle desk warmers, want to reduce our overall energy expenditure. We are intelligent, efficient creatures who deserve to be treated appropriately. Period.

3)      Stop making excuses.

Wait, I don’t call your arguments excuses, now do I? That is just impolite.


Since we deserve an evidence based theory, here are my humble remarks:

1) You can’t be good at everything. We are good at foreplay. And by that I refer to the “You can’t perform exercise on an empty stomach” kind of foreplay.

2) Exercise can be harmful if you burn yourself out. We go at our own pace. Don’t get me wrong, health is important, but walking, bicycling to work and gardening are some excellent replace activities for gym work out. Besides, you get to be outside and store some fresh air.

3) We are deep breathing and meditation champions. It doesn’t mean that we don’t get hysteric at times, but.. oh well… As Robert Benchley said “I do my best work sitting down. That’s where i shine.”

4)      Exercise equipment looks just terrible, but I admit it can be useful to dry clothes.

5) We have some serious sources on our side. For example TIME Magazine with “The Myth About Exercise”, a series of doctors like Lawrence Wilson, experienced bloggers like Haven Kimmel, Frank Forencich and last but not least my grandma (sorry no link available).

6) It has not yet been demonstrated, but it seems likely that exercise is not good for our mental capability. To support this theory, some quotes from professional athletes:

“I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.” Golfer Greg Norman

Shaquille O’Neal  on whether he had visited the Parthenon during his visit to Greece: “I can’t really remember the names of the clubs we went to.”

“My sister’s expecting a baby, and I don’t know if I’m going to be an uncle or an aunt.” Chuck Nevitt basketball player explaining to his coach why he appeared nervous at practice.

“He’s a guy who gets up at 6 o’clock in the morning regardless of what time it is.” Boxing trainer Lou Duva.

7)      Compulsive exercise addiction is a serious illness. BAM!

8a) The human couch warmer never thinks he is doing the most brilliant thing. People who exercise tend to feel superior and like to pity you. I just want to point out that the “One best way” school of thought has been outmoded by the “One best fit” one… in the 1960’s!


If someone wants to join my army or add some witty remarks, please feel free (and asked) to comment below 🙂

Stay tuned for : “Unexercise me please – A guide to a healthy sedentary life”.

For the record:

Adobe Digital Editions: error%20#2032

Well, if you have some problems installing ADE and you get this error messagge: E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032

don’t waste an afternoon trying to uninstall/set your clock right/pray like i did, check your PROXY SETTINGS instead right away.

If you have MozillaFirefox and you don’t know how proxy settings work, i recommend installing Explorer (just for a few hours) 😉

Then open it, go to Tools>Internet options>Connections>Lan settings. Check the “automatically detect settings” box and uncheck all the other boxes.

Now you can easily install Adobe digital editions, register and get to *finally* read your books!

ps: if it’s still not working look at your firewall settings, read more here or come back to my page and you’ll get a virtual hug 🙂

For the record: To arms (Ode for St. Cecilia)

Di conigli bianchi

Chi non ha mai avuto l’impulso di lanciarsi in un inseguimento al coniglio bianco?

C’è chi gli corre dietro per curiosità, chi per noia, chi insegue un tatuaggio, chi lo caccia e chi lo rincorre a suon di chiatarre. Non sempre i Conigli Bianchi sono veri conigli, nè tanto meno bianchi. Alcuni sono sempre in ritardo e hanno gli occhi rosa, altri invece ancor meno reali sono solo metafore. Non so voi dove li cerchiate, ma  nella musica ce ne sono parecchi.

A partire dalla canzone “White rabbit” dei Jefferson Airplane, un tributo al viaggio di Alice, l’Alice di Lewis Carroll.

Jefferson Airplane

Le cover di questa canzone non si contano. Ad esempio troviamo Emiliana Torrini, Shakespears sister, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Patti Smith e The Dresden Dolls. Se non conoscete questi nomi il vostro coniglio bianco si trova su Youtube ed è li che dovete correre adesso!!

Per il testo si può cliccare qui, ma un assaggio lo pubblico:

"When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's off with her head
Remember what the dormouse said
Feed your head, feed your head"

Nutri la tua testa mi è sempre sembrata una frase geniale. La curiosità è una cosa fantastica che ci costringe ad allargare i nostri orizzonti, ad informarci e scambiare opinioni. Se i Jefferson Airplane parlavano di farlo attraverso l’uso di droghe? Probabile, ma il succo non cambia. Gli uomini si ficcano spesso in un mare di guai quando pensano di aver capito tutto. Invece per evolversi bisogna essere flessibili e attenti a scoprire nuove prospettive, insomma pronti all’abbandono delle certezze.

Torniamo però a seguire le impronte dei conigli bianchi e scopriamo che:

1) Un’antagonista di Spiderman negli omonimi fumetti si fa chiamare appunto White Rabbit






2) White Rabbit è il nome di una puntata di Lost (S1E05) ed anche di una di Law and Order (S05E05)

3) Il nome di una marca di caramelle cinesi (大白兔奶糖) letteralmente: big white rabbit milk candy

4) Il nome di un gruppo indie rock

5) In Inghilterra per superstizione si ripete ogni primo del mese la frase “Rabbit rabbit, white rabbit”. I conigli bianchi portano fortuna?

6) “17942 Whiterabbit” è il nome di un asteroide scoperto nel 1999

7) In Star Trek il coniglio bianco di Alice appare a Dr. McCoy nell’episodio 15 della prima serie

8 ) Nel film “Matrix” il protagonista Neo deve seguire un coniglio bianco per uscire dalla finzione del suo mondo. Il coniglio bianco sarà un tatuaggio sulla spalla di una ragazza.






9) Last but not least, i due conigli bianchi più famosi: il personaggio di Alice nel paese delle  meraviglie e l’adorabile bestiola che si trova in natura.





10) Ehi, voi! Cosa aspettate ancora?! Che la caccia al coniglio abbia inizio.