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Fireworks CS6 Internal Error Occurred

So Hey Hi! If FW gives you the message “internal error occurred” and is blocked this is a quick way to un-block it:

1) Shut down FW through the Task Manager————-> ctrl+alt+canc

2) Go to——————-> C:\Users\<<username>>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Fireworks CS5

and proceed to change the name to the following folders (add a few letters at the end for ex.):

Fireworks CS6.mch —————>  Fireworks CS6.mchOLD

Font Map.txt ———————–> Font Map.txtOLD

the language folder, for example    Italian——————–> ItalianOLD  or    en_GB ——————–>  en_GBOLD

3) Start Fireworks ———-> problem solved; FW recreated the folders not finding them under the correct name and we’re good.


I was going crazy searching for this fix, so hope this will help someone out also if similar solutions are already provided in various forums (sooo hidden though).






How to add Whosamongus in WP sidebar: HTML code

  1. Would you like to know the number of readers you have?
  2. Want to instantly see where your visitors are from?
  3. Or find out when you had the most people online?

Getting stats from Whosamungus is easy and needs no registration.

The only problem users are having is how to FIND THE HTML CODE for our WordPress blogs.

Here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Go to the site Whos.amung.us

2. Click on “SHOWCASE” above on the right. Then chose your favourite stat. It can be a Map or a Hit counter, just remember to follow these steps each single time. Two in one, not happening.

3. After having chosen the best configuration (colors, size etc.) the site will give you a code. This is not the HTML you need for WordPress! But straight below the code, on the right you will see the “POST” button. Click it.

4. Now chose WP (WordPress) in the bar that opened. Insert your blogs address.

5. The html code will appear in a new post, on your Blog.

6. Copy that code and insert it in a new TEXT WIDGET in your sidebar. Save the changes.

7. Now you have your personalized stat/hit counter/map 🙂 You can now delete the whosamongus html post.


Since I couldn’t figure out how to do it at first, I hope this simple steps will save you some time!

If you have some questions, you can find me in the comment box. Yes, I live there.

For some motivation, while applying the changes:

Adobe Digital Editions: error%20#2032

Well, if you have some problems installing ADE and you get this error messagge: E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032

don’t waste an afternoon trying to uninstall/set your clock right/pray like i did, check your PROXY SETTINGS instead right away.

If you have MozillaFirefox and you don’t know how proxy settings work, i recommend installing Explorer (just for a few hours) 😉

Then open it, go to Tools>Internet options>Connections>Lan settings. Check the “automatically detect settings” box and uncheck all the other boxes.

Now you can easily install Adobe digital editions, register and get to *finally* read your books!

ps: if it’s still not working look at your firewall settings, read more here or come back to my page and you’ll get a virtual hug 🙂

For the record: To arms (Ode for St. Cecilia)