Fireworks CS6 Internal Error Occurred

So Hey Hi! If FW gives you the message “internal error occurred” and is blocked this is a quick way to un-block it:

1) Shut down FW through the Task Manager————-> ctrl+alt+canc

2) Go to——————-> C:\Users\<<username>>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Fireworks CS5

and proceed to change the name to the following folders (add a few letters at the end for ex.):

Fireworks CS6.mch —————>  Fireworks CS6.mchOLD

Font Map.txt ———————–> Font Map.txtOLD

the language folder, for example    Italian——————–> ItalianOLD  or    en_GB ——————–>  en_GBOLD

3) Start Fireworks ———-> problem solved; FW recreated the folders not finding them under the correct name and we’re good.


I was going crazy searching for this fix, so hope this will help someone out also if similar solutions are already provided in various forums (sooo hidden though).







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