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Adobe Digital Editions: error%20#2032

Well, if you have some problems installing ADE and you get this error messagge: E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032

don’t waste an afternoon trying to uninstall/set your clock right/pray like i did, check your PROXY SETTINGS instead right away.

If you have MozillaFirefox and you don’t know how proxy settings work, i recommend installing Explorer (just for a few hours) 😉

Then open it, go to Tools>Internet options>Connections>Lan settings. Check the “automatically detect settings” box and uncheck all the other boxes.

Now you can easily install Adobe digital editions, register and get to *finally* read your books!

ps: if it’s still not working look at your firewall settings, read more here or come back to my page and you’ll get a virtual hug 🙂

For the record: To arms (Ode for St. Cecilia)


18 Risposte

  1. Hi. Just for your info, your fix didn’t work for me, so it’s back to the forums. Thanks for your public service.

  2. BIG THANKS I managed to get Adobe thingy downloaded by doing the Explorer trick. GOOD JOB it had been driving me insane. However now i do not know how to transfer the darned things to my Sony reader. I am fairly good with computers as a user but not into the nerdy bits but I can not for the life of me figure out how to transfer from Adobe Digital to my Reader Library. Maybe the strain of getting it downloaded has wiped me out and I am being really dumb but …..so if you can help me with a step by step idiots guide for middle aged users I would be most grateful

  3. I’m glad it worked for you Sally!
    Unfortunately, i’m on vacation now (without pc) so i won’t be able to help you with your sony reader.
    Hope you will find a solution before my return in september 😉

  4. this is how it worked in my vista machine. after trying all the recommended suggestions with no success, i tried opening the windows firewall and selected the “Allow the program through windows firewall” and located the Adobe Digital in Program Files.

  5. you’re a genius, it works!

  6. I’m installing Adobe Digital Edition in offline in a computer that does not have internet connection. How can i get rid of this error? I’m getting following error.

    “e_adept_io activationserviceinfo error 9620#2032”

  7. So, after learning that downloading using Firefox wouldn’t work, and that the firewall settings (I’m using McAfee) could be blocking things…

    I uninstalled ADE. Then I edited my IE settings for LAN connection as you suggest above.

    I installed it using IE, granted FULL permissions on McAfee for ADE.

    Still no success… until: I right clicked the ADE icon and “ran as administrator.”

    Now it works.

    Thanks for your helpful and informative blog post — you were a great help!

  8. thank you.
    this morning i tried to return to the library some ebooks and was getting server error messages.
    googled, did what i could based on results. didn’t work.
    uninstalled. rebooted. cleaned out all temp files, cleaned out registry.
    rebooted. reinstalled ADE.
    new error message.
    googled the new error message.
    eventually found your page on the results.
    and you’re the only one with a brain out there who knows how to fix the problem.
    with much gratitude, i thank you.

  9. another followup –

    i’ve discovered the chat program Paltalk can also negatively affect your tweak.

    even tho i uninstalled firefox, paltalk will sometimes mess up and cause ADE to stop working. i use your tweak to fix up the net setting, but i just found out that even after rebooting (which usually isn’t necessary), that Windows Live Mail will automatically ‘Work Offline’.

    so for anyone else reading your blog, if you find you’re still having problems after using the tweak, make sure your email program is working online.

    again, i sure appreciate your tip 🙂

  10. After uninstalling, re installing instead an older version of ADE (1.7), deactivating firewalls, much headache and days of searching.. I finally came across you Internet Explorer proxy tip and IT WORKED! thank you so much. not sure why after a year of using the program it suddenly decided to act up, but I recommend this fix to others.

  11. I have been trying for almost two weeks to get 2.0 authorized on my computer (I was using google chrome). I even spent almost two hours with online help and got no where! Everything I was reading said to use Firefox if there were problems so I did and still got nowhere. Switched to Explorer and voila – I’m authorized! Can’t thank you enough

  12. Thank you, you precious person : )) your advice about lan settings worked for me as well …”digital editions could not connect to the activation server ” was my problem with ADE 2.0 and after installing an older version of ADE , I got the “E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032” and googling that led me to this page and problem was solved : )) Thank You again : ))

  13. Hi, people.

    Sorry for my English.

    I had had the same trouble with the connection to Adobe Autorisation Server since yesterday.
    I have Win 7, 64 bit

    I deactivated the firewall completely and run Internet Explorer.
    Then I type an URL (I think, you can use every URL) and pressed Enter.

    After this I got a mesage from the Internet Explorer: The Internet Explorer has change to online modus to explore this page.

    And after this I finally was able to connect with Adobe Autorisation Server.
    Without any another changing of settings.

    I hope, my tip will help you.



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